Hi, my name is Gabriel & I build pixel-perfect websites in

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Jarvis.ai Rebuild

Webflow Development

I gave myself the challenge of rebuilding the Jarvis.ai homepage. This was an interesting build as I got to learn a lot about Webflow interactions while recreating the ones found on the original website.

The project has been cloned over 40 times.

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Jarvis screenshot


Design, illustration, Webflow Development

Landing page for a fictional Mac app.

This was a really fun project as I not only designed the UI but also created the logo, illustrations and Lottie animation.

Check out the  Figma file & cloneable.

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WaveDrop screenshot

Jadoo Travel

Webflow Development, Custom CSS

This was a free Figma design that I converted to Webflow and added subtle animations all while built using the Finsweet Client First framework.

You can get it as a free cloneable as well.

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Jadoo travel screenshot


My name is Gabriel Okpo and I'm a designer/developer based in Lagos Nigeria. Previously, I led the Design & Engineering team at CcHUB, working with various startups and organizations on interesting projects.

I began exploring no-code platforms such as Webflow this year to help turn ideas into real projects faster and efficiently. Currently, I'm available for work and looking for opportunities where I can deliver beautiful and impactful web experiences.

So now that we've come to the end of the road, I hope you remember to be kind :)
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